Tenerife Diving Prices

PADI Courses and Programs

All of our PADI courses include PADI materials, full diving equipment and training with your PADI Instructor

PADI Course DescriptionDurationCost
PADI Discover Scuba Diving1/2 Day€90
PADI Scuba Diver2 - 3 Days€299
PADI Open Water Diver3 - 4 Days€399
PADI Adventure Diver1 -2 Days€249
PADI Advanced Diver2 -3 Days €299
PADI Rescue Diver2 -3 Days€399
Emergency First Responder1 Day€110
PADI Master Scuba DiverVariesFrom €400
PADI DivemasterVariesFrom €399
PADI Assistant InstructorVaries From €399
PADI InstructorVariesFrom €699

PADI Specialties

PADI Specialties include PADI materials, diving equipment and training.

PADI Specialty NameNumber of DivesCost
Shark Awareness SpecialtyOptional€50
Dive Against Debris Specialty1 Dive€75
Project AWARE Diver Specialty1 Dive€75
Emergency Oxygen ProviderNo Dives€75
Nitrox Diver SpecialtyOptional€90
DSMB Diver Specialty2 Dives€100
Fish Identification Specialty2 Dives €100
PPB Diver Specialty2 Dives€100
Boat Diver Specialty2 Dives€140
Night Diver Specialty3 Dives€150
Navigation Diver Specialty3 Dives€150
Deep Diver Specialty4 Dives€200
Wreck Diver Specialty4 Dives€200
Search & Recovery Diver Specialty4 Dives€200
Digital Underwater Photography2 Dives€100

Scuba Diving packages

Number of DivesCost
1 Dive€50
2 Dives€80
4 Dives€140
6 Dives€180
8 Dives€240
10 Dives€300

Spanish law requires all divers in Tenerife and Canary Islands to have diving insurance, If you dont have diving insurance its no problem we can arrange daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly insurance for you within minutes.
Prices starting from 6€ per day.

All package dives include hire of tank and weights.

Special limited Offer’s;
Kit rental included for FREE.
15 ltr Tanks for FREE.

Boat dives €10 supplement per diver per dive.